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Mom Channels Anger Over Baby’s Birth Injuries Into a Zofran Lawsuit

A mother who took Zofran during pregnancy is now channeling her anger after her 2nd child was born with birth defects. She joins more than a dozen other mothers who are fighting back against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the makers of Zofran, that allegedly failed to warn parents of the risks of birth defects associated with the medication.

Sonja, one of the latest plaintiffs in a series of lawsuits against GSK, is angry because she was never told about the risks associated with taking Zofran while pregnant. She was prescribed the medication during her first trimester of pregnancy, after battling severe morning sickness. Although she knows she was misled, it’s hard for the mom to stop blaming herself.

“Put yourself in my position. Imagine the guilt of knowing you caused your child to be born with a heart complication because you couldn’t deal with morning sickness. Even though I didn’t know that Zofran could affect my baby at the time, I still can’t stop blaming myself.”

When Sonja’s 2nd child was born, she learned that he had a severe heart condition; a condition that required two invasive surgeries before he even turned 4 years of age. Her oldest son was born in perfect health. Sonja only took Zofran during her 2nd pregnancy. She is still baffled as to why her physician would prescribe her a medication that’s been linked with a host of serious birth defects.

“I cannot believe that doctors prescribe this drug and Glaxo still makes it. Don’t they remember back in the 1960s how the drug thalidomide was marketed as a ‘miracle cure’ for morning sickness and how thousands of babies were born without limbs?”

This isn’t the first medication that GSK has promoted that ended in lawsuits. In fact, their false promotion of several of their antidepressant medications ended in a $3 billion fraud settlement after the government intervened. It seems as though the company is up to their same tactics again, but this time, they are promoting Zofran, a medication only approved for use by cancer and surgery patients, as off-label use for morning sickness.

What Should Pregnant Women Take for Morning Sickness?

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), pregnant women should stay completely away from Zofran while pregnant, and instead, consider taking doxylamine (an antihistamine), along with vitamin B6, to help battle nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. ACOG, along with numerous other organizations, do not support nor recommend taking Zofran while pregnant after many studies have shown a heightened risk between the medication and infants developing birth defects.

If You Took Zofran While Pregnant

Keep in mind that if you were prescribed Zofran while pregnant and your baby developed a birth defect as a result, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and much more. Drug manufacturers such as GSK have the responsibility to inform the public about any side effects and dangers of their medications. So far, every plaintiff that has filed a lawsuit against GSK states that they were never warned of the risks of their infants developing birth defects.