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2 More Zofran Lawsuits Added to Growing Lists of Cases Against GSK

Currently, there are over 60 pending lawsuits against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the makers of the anti-nausea medication, Zofran. The lawsuits come from parents who took the drug while pregnant, and consequently had babies with birth defects reportedly linked to Zofran.

According to court documents, two additional families recently filed their own lawsuits against GSK after their infants were born with severe birth defects. Both plaintiffs in each case were prescribed Zofran during pregnancy to help battle morning sickness.

Plaintiffs #1

The first plaintiffs, filed by parents of a now 8-year-old child in Aberdeen, Maryland, claim that the mother was prescribed Zofran for off-label morning sickness use in 2007. She took the medication orally during her first trimester, and later, a generic form of Zofran was administered to her intravenously while in her 3rd trimester. Consequently, the parents are also suing Sandoz, a Colorado-based drug company that manufactures the generic form of ondansetron. Sandoz no longer promotes the medication on its website.

While undergoing an ultrasound, doctors discovered that the plaintiffs’ infant had cleft alveolus, a craniofacial defect marked by an opening in the tissue of the gums. The plaintiffs also state that their baby was born with an ear deformity.

Since birth, the plaintiff’s son has endured multiple invasive surgeries, including a difficult bone draft. The boy may also need a rhinoplasty in the future, and the plaintiffs indicate that even invasive treatments may be needed.

Plaintiff #2

The 2nd plaintiff, a Huntington Beach, California, mother who filed her Zofran lawsuit at the United States District Court for the Central District of California, claims that her boy was born with a cleft palate after she took Zofran while pregnant.

The plaintiff was prescribed and took Zofran throughout her entire pregnancy to battle a severe case of morning sickness. Similar to plaintiff #1, she was never told that taking Zofran while pregnant increases the risks of having infants with birth defects.

Her son was born in 2009, and four days after his birth, a physician diagnosed the baby with having a cleft palate, one of the many birth defects that’s been associated with taking Zofran while pregnant.

At only nine months of age, the infant went through a difficult surgery to help correct his medical issue. According the plaintiff, the young boy has constant daily struggles in which he chokes on food and drinks during meals. The plaintiff also indicated that her son’s speech is limited due to cleft palate, and he will have to take speech therapy in the future.

Both plaintiffs are suing for medical costs and other expenses, although the exact amount hasn’t been specified.

If You Took Zofran While Pregnant

Taking Zofran while pregnant has been linked by numerous in-depth studies to a heightened risk of infants developing numerous birth defects, including cleft lip, cleft palate, jaundice, heart abnormalities, vision problems, hearing problems, and more.

If you were prescribed Zofran while pregnant and your infant developed birth defects, you have the legal right to file for compensation against the responsible party. GSK has the duty to inform the public of any adverse effects that may result of taking their medications, yet they allegedly failed to do so, and in turn, the Zofran lawsuits against them continue to pile up.


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Case # 8:15-cv-01552; Huntington Beach, California